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Wednesday, September 28, 2005
Commie lube

Its always nice to see that Australia can still produce goods the whole world wants to buy. Our latest and greatest export - Che Guevara lip balm!

The retailer describes it thus:

Exotic, revolutionary lip balm dedicated to the great, immortal icon of revolution, Che Guevara. 100% natural protection. Guava flavour. 4g tub.

I know that if I were ever a murdering commie, I would certainly want lip balm, and other skin care products, dedicated to my memory.

Some customers have left comments:

Name: Val
From:Miami, Florida,
Nice photo of Che you used for the packaging! If I use this balm, will it give me an obstinate, sexy lower lip like his?

Name: CJ
From:Boise, United States
Am waiting for your next great ideas: Hitler's Sunblock, Stalin's Eyeshadow, Pol Pot's Face Cream........

I was going to do a joke similar to that.

Name: Rob Redford
From:Hollywood, USA
I wondered how Che manage to keep his lips chap free while shooting prisoners in the back of the neck at La Cabana. He's so cool. Cheek bones that make women swoon.

Even Hollywood stars want some.

Name: Karl Marx
From:deep in the jungle, Bolivia
Capitalism at it's finest. Che would be so proud. Cool that you have guava flavor. He would have loved it as he begged for his life.

Now Karl, thats just mean. The same store also sells a "Bush Kit" which I was hoping was full of blood, oil and lies, but unfortunately appears to contain tea and damper ingredients.

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