Attila the Pun
Thursday, July 21, 2005
Reds over their heads

Via the House of Blair, comes this wonderful tidbit:

Green Left Weekly is facing a serious financial crisis. Last year we finished
with a $35,000 deficit and so far this year are almost $65,000 down — that’s a
combined shortfall of $100,000! We have borrowed to keep going, but if this
trend continues we can’t go on. It’s as simple as that.

I am sure this will upset the rest of you as it did me. Apart from signalling the continuing slow death of plain speaking alternative media in this country, it did raise two other interesting points:

1. Who is lending these monkeys the money? Surely any self respecting bank would laugh itself silly if these clowns came in looking for an overdraft facility?

2. Doesn't their impending doom suggest that the capitalist system is working a treat, and that therfore their entire basis for existence is wrong? Look at the facts - you publish a crap newspaper (i.e. your product) that hardly anybody reads (i.e. the market isn't interested in it) and therefore you don't make enough money to survive (i.e. you are non-sustainable). Survival of the fittest my friends, creative destruction, red in tooth and claw etc etc.

The Age should take note.

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