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Tuesday, July 05, 2005
Jobs for mates

Remember that strange column in the Age regarding the threats to the existence of the BBC? The one which raised suggestions of the new editor giving jobs to his mates?

It was written by Alan Taylor, and did not mention the ABC, or display any relevance to Australia whatsoever.

Well he's back, and it appears he is here to stay. Yesterday brought another article by Taylor, under the byline of "Eye on Britain". The topic was the possible introduction of ID cards into Britain. No reference to Australia, or suggestion of how trends in UK may be a forerunner of what we can expect here.

I guess Jaspan would just respond that the type of Age reader he is trying to attract is perfectly able to make any such connections themselves, and doesn't need his overseas mates to spell it out for them.

Or he could just be flinging plum jobs to his mates - you decide.

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