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Tuesday, June 21, 2005
The worm turns

Did anybody think that these comments wouldn't get a reaction?:

Frankly, I'd like to apologise to President Bush and Prime Minister Howard for things I said under duress. I actually believe that I am proof positive that the current policy of training the Iraqi army, of recruiting, training them worked because it was the Iraqis that got me out. I am proof positive that the current policies of the Americans and the Australian governments is the right one.

As if on cue, here are the Greens:

Greens leader Bob Brown said Mr Wood was wrong in his analysis of Australian policy and it was unfair that he profit from his experience.

"I think Mr Wood is fortunately home, but there's 850 Australians who aren't," Senator Brown said, referring to Australian troops in Iraq. "Rather than just saying God bless America I would just say God bless those Australian troops and let's get them home."

Because Brown really cares about Australian troops you understand.

He said Mr Wood should donate the money he made in his deal with Ten to humanitarian causes in Iraq, such as children who had lost their parents in the conflict.

Selling your story always comes across as tacky, but I don't begrudge a man who has was held in captivity for 47 days by the headhackers from turning a quick buck. Hell, I am happy for him to take Channel 10's $250,000 purely for calling his kidnappers "arseholes".

Its funny, I don't remember the Greens criticising Mamdouh Habib for taking the (estimated) $100,000 from 60 Minutes. Shouldn't he have donated it to the orphans of Afghanistan?

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