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Friday, June 24, 2005
The elephant in the room

Here is the News Ltd's report of the recent counter terrorism raids in Melbourne:

COUNTER terrorism agencies believe they have foiled an attack on the Melbourne Stock Exchange by a radical Islamic network linked to a covert group which has carried out surveillance on key Sydney sites.

It has been revealed Islamic extremists with cells in Melbourne and Sydney carried out reconnaissance missions on the Harbour Bridge and two Sydney oil refineries.

Now lets run the same facts through the Age-o-fia and see what we come up with:

ASIO and Federal Police officers have conducted secret raids on homes across Melbourne in the past week as part of an investigation into an alleged plot to conduct terrorist attacks on city buildings.


The Melbourne group was alleged to have loose ties with a radical Sydney-based group, which was said to have been watching possible targets including the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House.

Read the whole report to satisfy yourself that I am not selectively quoting - notice any words missing?

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