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Friday, May 27, 2005

It may come as little surprise to many that I am a fan of a lot, though not all, of Andrew Bolt's writings. His newly added forum just adds to the fun. Although the comments seem to broadly fall into two categories - "I love you Andrew, you are a light of reason in the darkness and the only reason I buy the Herald-Sun" or " - what have you got to say to that Andrew?!?!"

I give him a lot of credit for answering the questions though - can you imagine other op-ed journalists submitting to such scrutiny and actually responding to criticism? Try and close your eyes and imagine Phillip Adams doing it...

Recently he got stuck into the Age:

But you are right, Jon, the internet is a huge threat to the Age, which relies on the classifieds to prop it up. Add to that its falling circulation, and ... What I don't understand is why there is no real sense of crisis there, and demands for reform. Take, for instance, the way its bosses have allowed the paper to become so ideologically rigid that it appeals to a small social worker/teacher demographic, but not much beyond. That's madness.

But what is with that photo? I am assuming that a bi-weekly columinist at Australia's highest selling paper would get a strong say in what photo ran with his articles. The old photo featured the world's worst tie, but at least made him look human. I think the new photo is striving for the "serious hard hitting columnist" look, but only manages to pull off the "slightly handicapped schoolbook photo" look.

He also recently gave a (deserving) shout out to Tim Blair and the Bunyip. Considering the paucity of blogging by yours truly of late, I am willing to forgive him this snub...

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