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Thursday, May 12, 2005
Kim Rove-ly

I am not sure if this has been raised before, but is it possible that Kim Beazley is a long term mole working for the Liberal Party? I am not referring to his two election defeats, and ambitions for a third, but rather Labor's amazing response to the recent Budget.

We have the Coalition being hassled over leadership speculation, then handing down a budget which heavily favours high income earners and tightens regulations regarding disability pensioners. So what does Labor do?

Says it will make a token effort to block the tax cuts, until Parliament sits again on August 9, or the Government has to call a special sitting on July 1.

Some low to middle income earners may think the tax cuts unfairly favour the well off, but they still want the $6-$10 a week that they will receive anyway. What they don't want is Labor making a "stand" supposedly on principle that will do nothing except delay them receiving the cuts for 6 weeks.

Added to Wayne Swan's hilarous claim that when he said Labor wouldn't oppose the cuts, he actually meant they would oppose the cuts, but wouldn't oppose tax reform, you have signs that Labor is determined to continue its descent into irrelevancy.

Labor has defended the decision as a "highly principled but brave decision". One would have thought he meant highly principled *and* brave decision, but never mind...

Costello, of course, loved it:

"He is a cheap populist who wants to try and play envy politics, which has no place in Australian society," Mr Costello said. "The last legacy of the Labor Party's control of the Australian Senate could be to deny Australians their tax cut on July 1, 2005 - the last stand of the Labor Party under Mr Beazley."

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