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Friday, April 29, 2005
Vietnam is the new Iraq

Michael Gawenda is determined to refute allegations that journalists of a certain stripe are hopelessly fixated on viewing every war through the prism of Vietnam. Take it away Michael:

While thousands of Americans this week have walked the 100 or so metres of the wall, strewn at its base with single flowers, mostly roses, and fading notes and prayers left by relatives of the dead, the 30th anniversary of Saigon's fall has been largely ignored by much of the US media.

And so far, not a single senior politician, not in the Bush Administration, not in Congress, has even mentioned the anniversary.

That could be because for the US, the anniversary is tomorrow - April 29. Lets have a look then shall we Michael? Plus, do we have to have a statement from the President at every anniversary? Will Michael be writing this about the anniversary of Korea? Or Howard's failure to mention the Malay emergency?

But the objective that was to remove the threat of Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction turned out to be a chimera; there were no WMD to be removed. And so the objective changed to bringing democracy to Iraq and to ensure, as part of the war on terror, that Iraq doesn't become a failed state, a haven for totalitarian Islamist terror organisations.

That really has become the defence mechanism of all those that opposed the liberation of Iraq and have found themselves on the wrong side of history - claim that those in favour didn't intend any democratic benefits either, and claim that WMD's were the only reasons provided.

Once again for those a bit slow to keep up - go to Instapundit's link rich list, and see for yourself what was said.

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