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Friday, March 11, 2005
Smug mode

Yee-haa! Attila got quoted in the Australian. Kinda. Sorta. Not really.

In today's Australian, P. P. McGuiness takes the opportunity to gloat at the decline and fall of Alan Ramsey. He gives due credit to the blogosphere, stating:

The best of our local independent bloggers, Tim Blair (who happily has an institutional base and income from The Bulletin) put up on his website (www.timblair.net) at 10.49am on the Wednesday (on which Ramsey's column appeared) a piece pointing out that Moyers had got it wrong – that Watts never said: "After the last tree is felled, Christ will come back" – and had apologised to Watts.

I certainly wouldn't argue the naming of Tim as Australia's best blogger, but indulge me for a moment regarding Tim's post:

As should have the ideologue Ramsey, who’s been holding stoutly to a world view despite reality for some time. Why, it’s almost as though he’s delusional, or oblivious to the facts. Over to you, Media Watch; Ramsey deserves everything he gets.

(Via Attila The Pun and several readers)

I am of course also too humble to mention the link from Time's blog of the year, Powerline...

Of course, it can be depressing when you read others on similar topics, and they do a far superior job than you. Yes, I am talking to you Professor, among others...

As for the column itself, they have removed the offending paragraph, and posted a correction. Reasons why the remainder of the column should be given any credibility are not included in the correction.

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