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Monday, March 21, 2005
Apple of his eye

Want more proof that Apple fanboys shouldn't do technology reviews? No? Well too bad, you can have some anyway.

Apple has been bullish in the MP3-player market. There's no sign of complacency either. It recently slashed the price of its regular iPod mini from $399 to a record-low $299 and introduced a 6GB model at $359, catching most of its competitors by surprise.

A "record low"? Is he suggesting that Apple have done something never before seen in the technology market and dropped the price of a product to something *gasp* lower than it has ever been before?

If you're a Mac user, the only choice you'll have to make is which iPod to buy, since few others support the Mac OS, let alone so elegantly.

Hmm, this could be because of Apple's piddling 5% market share I guess.

Those bound in Windows world, however, have plenty of options to consider.

Jesus, is he wearing a Steve Jobs t-shirt whilst typing this? Apparently there is no irony apparent to him when those of us bound in Microsoft enforced servitude actually have a *greater* choice available than Mac users.

All else being equal, however, the availability of accessories should be an important part of your purchasing decision. If you travel a lot and don't plan on carrying your notebook PC everywhere, then make sure there is a power adaptor.

Uh-oh mac boy - USB charging only for you.

Wired remotes, better-quality headphones, charging cradles, protective cases and spare batteries all make a difference to your total spend. You'll also want to consider battery life and whether the player can be used as a portable storage device for your data files.

And which of those come with the iPod mini? Hmm, none. But after looking at the competition, we get this:

There's no denying that Apple's competition has improved a great deal and players such as the Creative Zen Micro are great value for money when you take into account what's in the box.

As opposed to judging value for money by not taking into account what actually comes in the box?

In several key areas, however (such as simplicity of menu and controls, hassle-free music transfer, portable storage and elegance in design), the iPod still leads the way by getting the basics right and it's easy to see why it's the most popular player around.

Portable storage is a *plus* for the iPod? So basically, if you want a player that will only store music, requires a computer to charge, doesn't have an inline remote and forces you to use its, and only its, software, then the iPod mini still represents the best choice.

Hi, I've enjoyed visiting your blog. I am trying to get my zen mp3 players site up and running. At the moment I am concentrating on the Zen Touch and Zen Sleek. Sadly, the Zen micro does not appear to still be available from Creative.

I've certainly got some way to go before that site meets the standards of your blog.
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