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Wednesday, February 16, 2005
Say sorry to the trees!

Climate change (it used to be called global warming, till we had a few cold summers) is a serious topic, requiring serious consideration and discussion. Therefore it is pleasing to see that environmental groups are no longer resorting to stupid stunts in order to get their "message" across:

Protesters from environmental groups including Greenpeace and The Wilderness Society meanwhile gathered outside Parliament House in Sydney to call on New South Wales Premier Bob Carr to lead the green fight.

The protesters set up an ice sculpture and watched it melt with the help of a wind turbine to mark their opposition to the Federal Government's stand.

The ice scuplture is the earth right? And global warming is the wind turbine yes? So we should not switch to "green energy" sources like wind turbines, err, right?

Melbourne didn't want to be outdone in stupid though:

In Melbourne, about 60 protesters on the steps of the Victorian Parliament waved the flags of the 141 countries that had signed the Kyoto Protocol.

The protest started with a passionate kiss between two people dressed as a beaming US President George W. Bush and a larger-than-life Mr Howard wearing a sash, saying: "I'm with stupid".

Eight years of Howard, and over four of Bush, and thats *still* all they can come up with? Bush is stupid and Howard is his lackey? Jesus people, at least some of you must have been creative arts students at Uni, how about getting some new shtick?

Of course, it is unfair to paint the whole greenie movement with the same papermache brush. Lets go to the Vice-president of the Australian Conservation Foundation:

"Australians have to continue to pressure John Howard in particular to realise he has to say sorry to the environment," he said.

Thanks hippy.

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