Attila the Pun
Friday, February 11, 2005
Me wanty

I sometimes think that the whole "convergence" thing in electronics is 90% hype (internet fridges - I am talking to you"), but one device that it does suit is mobile phones.

Specifically mobile phones, mp3 players and (if you want to) digital cameras. PDA's I will leave to the side, as their increased need for a usable keyboard puts design constraints that lead to unwanted bulk.

A lot of phones have mp3 compatibility, and crappy sub-one megapixel cameras, but they are still ultimately phones, with the design philosophy that goes along with it.

What we need is something like this. Behold its beauty, its elegance, its geek-chic. It looks like a very sweet mp3 player, but also like a very nice camera phone. The rotating screen also rates very highly on the rad-o-meter.

Sure, it hasn't even been picked up by a manufacturer, and won't arrive for two years even if it is, but it sure do look purdy in the meantime...

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