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Monday, February 21, 2005

You would like to think that a technology writer for a major newspaper would do more than repeat whatever press release comes their way. Unless it is an Apple product of course.

Enter the Apple iPod Shuffle.

No display, no radio, basically a thumb drive with mp3 compatability. Wait, its actually:

The iPod shuffle is a brilliantly simple, funky music player with mass brand appeal.

There is no type of display whatsoever, no menu system and no click wheel.

Stripping it of all but the most simple of functions, then charging a brand premium, is "brilliantly simple"? Brilliant from Apple's point of view maybe, but surely not from a reviewer.

In comparison, it costs only 20 per cent more than a memory card of the same capacity.

Don't know where you are shopping pal, but try 1Gb of Kingston flash memory for as little as $130.

If you're going for long trips without a notebook by your side, however, its smaller memory capacity and lack of standard power adaptor (its lithium-ion battery charges directly from a USB port and an external charger is a $48 accessory) means the larger iPods are still a better bet.

Yeah, or a different flash based player that doesn't try and gouge you another $50 for a charger.

For the average commuter, jogger, or gym-junkie the shuffle is about the coolest thing that's happened to portable music yet.

That line has got to have come straight from Apple headquarters.

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