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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

There is a new website aimed at providing legal information to "activists". They define an activist as someone who "seeks to create positive change". This includes fare evasion apparently.

The site also hides unintentional comedy gold. When discussing police tactics regarding protests, they mention that:

However, police can sometimes utilise minor offences to control or harass activists. For instance, detailed roadworthy checks by Police have effectively isolated some forest blockades.

Bummer man, the Combi has been slapped with a canary? Far out... And with a straight face:

Protesters who break the law are still entitled to the protection of the law.

And the people's who you are harassing, or whose workplaces you are blocking or vandalising, they are also entitled to the protection of the law?

What is "reasonable force"? This depends upon the circumstances. A good guide is that the police are entitled to use whatever force the average person would accept as necessary and proportionate in the circumstances. The greater the physical threat to the police, the greater force it may be acceptable to use to detain a person.

"Reasonable force" does not include assaulting people on arrest, arbitrary use of hand-cuffs or verbal intimidation.

Well that depends really - the "average person" may disagree.

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