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Tuesday, January 18, 2005
Third time lucky

When hearing Beazley's plea for a third crack at the cookie jar, was anyone else ticking off his responses to the criticisms that have been levelled at him in the past?

You said you only had "one shot in the locker", and wouldn't run for leadership again?:

I did not think these circumstances would arise, but in all honesty, (inaudible) politics was to operate in a way that supported the election ultimately of the Latham Labor government. When I made comments some time ago about whether or not I had much of a political future it was made entirely in that context.

You don't have the 'ticker' for leadership, and never particularly wanted the job of PM anyway:

I'm not motivated particularly personally for high office although that is important to me and it's important motivation in my running. I am absolutely fired with ambition (for) the Australian people, our nation, and for the Australian Labor Party.

You pursued a small target approach in the last election and your policies were too similar to the Coalition's:

Our disagreements with this government are profound.


And in all these areas, the disagreements between the Australian Labor Party and our political opponents are profound and will be obvious over the course of the next three years.

There are plenty of people happy to tell Labor that Beazley is their best chance, it will be interesting to see which way they jump - untried Harry Potter lookalike, untried lefty media darling, or popular two time loser. Decisions, decisions.

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