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Monday, January 31, 2005
Show them an ink stained middle finger

This is concerning:

IRAQI shopkeepers in western Sydney said yesterday their support for the Iraqi election was endangering their lives after four people were injured in a shooting provoked by the poll.Some community leaders blamed fundamentalists sympathetic to al-Qa'ida for the attack.

One man is in a serious condition in Westmead Hospital and three others suffered ricochet wounds during the shooting on Sunday night.

More than 100 people were involved in the brawl on Auburn's main street, damaging shops and two cars.

Auburn is home to a large community of Iraqi exiles and was the site of a polling station in Sunday's election.

Of course, there is no proof so far that it was motivated by the election, but this guy sure thinks it was:

Iraqi community leader and voter Kamil Alhamid said the attackers were men from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Lebanon, but not Iraq.

Ahl Albait secretary Mr Alhamid said the assailants were fundamentalists sympathetic to al-Qa'ida and the terrorist group of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

If so, I hope the Police have a good hard look at those involved, including their visa status. We do not want people like this in Australia:

Sunday's attack followed a protest outside Auburn's polling booth on Saturday that halted voting for an hour. The protesters yelled anti-Shi'ite slogans at voters, took their photos and threatened them.

Sheik Naji said the protesters shouted "vote and die" at the voters, exactly the same threat shouted at voters in Iraq.

Someone please book the first flight to Fuckoffistan for those chaps.

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