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Wednesday, January 26, 2005
Reasons to vote Liberal

Two seperate, but related items. First from Gregory Hywood, on why Labor is hopelessly out of touch:

To illustrate the point it is worth referring to the Australian Candidate study published in 2002 by political scientists Rachel Gibson, David Gow, Clive Bean and Ian McAllister.

Asked whether high taxes were a disincentive to work hard, 87 per cent of Coalition candidates agreed compared with Labor's 19 per cent. Asked whether income and wealth should be redistributed to ordinary working people, 82 per cent of Labor candidates agreed against the Coalition's 14.2 per cent. Only 3.3 per cent of Labor candidates favoured lower taxes against 65 per cent of Coalition candidates.

Those other 35% of Coalition candidates need to have a good hard look at themselves, but that is still better than the 96.7% of Labor candidates who don't favour lower taxes. And why are they so out of touch? Hywood suggests a possible reason:

One explanation is that Labor candidates are far more likely than their Coalition counterparts to be long-term party activists with little other life experience.

Labor candidates are 21/2 times more likely to have been employed in an MP's office, twice as likely to have been a paid party official.

No way.

Next is Mitch Fifield, a Liberal Senator from Victoria, on tax reform. I have no idea whether this backbench tax reform group is actually real, or just a ploy to make the electorate think there is further tax reform in the pipeline, but you have to love the closing paragraph:

For my part, I will be arguing that the Australian Government should be cutting tax rates and thresholds to allow taxpayers to keep more of their money. It belongs to them, so let's give it back.

It makes more sense when he says that, rather than when Peter Garett sings it.

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