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Saturday, January 01, 2005
One for the road

Hmm, its been awhile since we had a "kicking Labor while its down" post, so here ya go:

A recent poll asked people in NSW who they thought would be the best choice to lead the Labor party. The results?

Mark Latham, the local boy, and one time election loser, won with a massive 28%.

Kim Beazley, the three time loser, came second with 26%.

Third? Well, he isn't even in Federal Parliament - Bob Carr with 16%.

Kevin Potter/Rudd came in with 7%, while Swan got 3%.

20% couldn't give a toss apparently.

Comforting stuff for a dispirited Labor party really. The poll was only of 500 people, but when you are indulging in a bit of partisan hackery, who cares?

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