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Sunday, January 09, 2005
Don't %$#@ with Tony P

Tony Parkinson, the only reliably sane writer on the Age's op-ed page, delivers a well deserved smackdown to George Monbiot:

It takes unusual Schadenfreude - not to mention a heart of granite - to clamber over the corpses of 150,000 tsunami victims in order to make a rhetorical point about war in Iraq.

Enter George Monbiot, darling of the left, columnist for The Guardian newspaper, and veteran of the "evil Amerikkka" school of opinion. Amid an epic story of human suffering - and displaying crass indifference to the heroism and sacrifice of a desperate relief effort - Monbiot this week produced a crude polemic on why the United States and its allies ought be held culpable for the humanitarian crisis across the Indian Ocean.

It continues in a similar vein, and includes a very telling point:

In all this, there is one unavoidable - if seldom acknowledged - reality about the world today, as much as Monbiot and his fan club would choose to deny it. Strong, confident, successful societies such as the US and Australia come to the fore at times of crisis such as this for a very simple reason. More often than not, there is nobody else capable or willing.

Take that, Moonbat.

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