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Tuesday, December 14, 2004
St Phil

My God, does the ego (even slightly in jest) of Phillip Adams know no bounds? Apparently, he now thinks he is God:

St Joan describes hearing her "voices". They instructed her to cover her peasant's smock with a suit of armour and lead a war against the Poms. Apparently my words had a similarly electric effect on the god-botherers who, afterwards, got together and said: "Adams is right! We should organise ourselves! Get political!"

This revelation is in support of his claim that:

I've recently discovered that I'm personally responsible for the Family First Party.

The organised religious political movement in the US had nothing to do with this of course - it was all Adams. This exercise of democractic rights is bad of course - real bad:

The rest is history. No, not history. It's a threat to the future. For now, through Family First, we've a party of god-botherers far more significant and threatening than the Democratic Labor Party of olden and, in retrospect, comparatively golden days.

And Family First, and the associated Hillsong Church, are similar to Muslim terrorists:

Now, after decades of suggestions by televangelists, who clog free-to-air television in the early hours, conning the most gullible and vulnerable into sending large donations, we are now primed for Pentecostalism. It's part of the worldwide turbo-charging of traditional faiths, leading to fundamentalist frenzies in Judaism, Hinduism and, of course, Islam.

So Benny Hinn and his like have been ruining late night TV for years, but only now have finally reached a point to 'turbo charge' their congregations?

Don't get me wrong, much of the fundamentalist christian orthodoxy is anathema to my own secular libertarian views - but I at least respect their right to agitate for them in a democractic process. For years we have had the left's particular religions (I am looking at you Bob Brown) shoved down our throats (err, I am not looking at you that way however), so it is the height of hypocracy to claim that other faiths should be completely ignored or considered a dire threat.

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