Attila the Pun
Sunday, December 12, 2004
A ray of sunshine

Sanity appears to be breaking out all over the place:

From July 1, the Government will take control of the Senate, and Senator Minchin's comments suggest it will adopt a robust approach to balance the budget.

He cited a rise in the cost of essential medicines, through the Pharmaceutial Benefits Scheme, and toughening up eligibility for the disability support pension, as two obvious areas of reform. A few other measures have been rejected by the Senate, such as scrapping the Student Financial Supplement Scheme.

Most substantive savings, however, will have to be found from current spending programs in the big departments of Health, Education, Family and Community Services and Defence.
"The domestic economy is still running strongly. There is certainly no call for additional fiscal stimulation. We do want to continue to try to contain the size of government," Senator Minchin said.

Senator Minchin should have this printed on t-shirts, and handed out to every Coalition member, including his boss.

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