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Sunday, December 19, 2004
Power of the blogosphere

Okay, we keep hearing about the wonderful power of this medium - rathergate etc, but now I want the blogs of the world to unite in a truly important investigative cause. Find these pictures:

SYDNEY'S male population will be devastated they weren't at trendy Darlinghurst bar Will and Toby's on Saturday night to witness a spectacle involving model Megan Gale.

Gale and two female friends were ensconced upon the bar's lounges just after midnight openly kissing one another, indifferent to gawking patrons.

The trio didn't mind who was watching their open-mouthed lip-locks and were unconcerned by at least two males in the bar taking pictures (one using a digital, the other a disposable camera) of their exhibition.

The hunt begins!

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