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Monday, December 13, 2004
More Lowe down

Hmm - curiouser and curiouser. It seems that Professor Lowe, the new head of the ACF, has an interesting background.

Former head of the School of Science at Griffith University, and officer of the Order of Australia (via the Australian)

And supporter of raving left wing moonbat causes: (via crikey)

From the Brisbane Social Forum:

Professor Ian Lowe spoke of the power of global capitalism, especially its representatives in bodies such as the IMF and World Bank. There could be no real democracy at the level of the nation state unless there was global democracy.

That forum was organised by the International Socialist Organisation (a.k.a Commies). Other speakers included *gasp* Julian Burnside QC and Senator Nettle.

There is also Professor Lowe's endorsement of the march on the themes of:

“End the lies, Howard out”, and “Rally for truth”

They were also attempting to raise money for the skywriting of "Not Happy John" that went amusingly pear shaped when finally attempted. He is in fine company however - look who else endorsed it:

Just Australia, ALP Senator Claire Moore, National Union of Students president Jodie Jansen, the Wilderness Society, Friends of the Earth, Murri community activist Sam Watson, Rally for Peace, the Iraq Solidarity Committee, the Qld Anti-Bases Group, the Qld Greens, the Socialist Alliance, the Australian Democrats, the Refugee Action Collective, Socialist Alternative, Resistance, University of Queensland student union president Margot Balch and the Committees in Solidarity with Latin America and the Caribbean.

I will be in solidarity with the Caribbean if they get their cricket act into some semblance of order.

You would think the Coalition, flush with a resounding electoral victory, would be quite happy to ignore an organisation headed by someone so blatantly opposed to them. Thats bad news for the ACF (and for the environment some would say, but that is arguable).

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