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Sunday, December 12, 2004

In what alcoholics refer to as a "moment of lucidity", Paul Sheehan is actually talking some sense in today's SMH, regarding the Greens:

But Garrett didn't join the Greens for the same reason most of the electorate didn't vote for them on October 9. Because the Greens are not green.

The environment is merely a flag of convenience for a large faction of the party, a mother-earth issue onto which they have parasited their real agenda. That's why Brown and several hectorers on the Green Senate tickets spent so much time talking about everything but the environment during the election campaign. They couldn't help themselves. They fought the election on the Iraq war. Why? Because while many Greens are dedicated environmentalists, the party is basically a branding exercise, a new package around an old product that most political consumers will never buy.

Which is why it was lunacy for Latham to drag Labor that way. Sure, he was just trying for the environmental aspects, but once you buy into the Green's way, you get tainted with the rest of the steaming Trotsky package.

If Garett can be used to give Labor some environmental credibility, without selling out their core constituency (e.g. the forests package), then Latham's achievement in recruiting Garett may actually have been worthwhile. However, if all they offer is Green-lite, then the 'progressive' vote will stick with the hardcore Greens, and the 'not moonbat crazy' vote will be put off by the association with the watermelons. There is much more fun in store for Labor knockers...

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