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Wednesday, December 29, 2004
I shouldnt be surprised

Considering its The Age, it shouldn't have come as a surprise, but when I read the story headlined "Rich countries poor at lending a hand" this morning, I was surprised to read that Australia, who has promised $10 million, was "only bettered by Japan", who had promised $28.6 million.

It was therefore a surprise to read further and discover that the United States had offered $20 million.

The online version has obviously changed (I can't find a cached copy on Google), as it now reads:

"Canada has promised $A2.5 million, Germany and Spain $A1.77 million each and France $A177,000, while Japan has offered an emergency medical team to Sri Lanka and a damage assessment group to Indonesia. The United States has given $A19.6 million."

Earlier, it chides Britain, with:

"Britain has chipped in only $A1.7 million, barely topping the $1.5 million that Victoria pledged yesterday."

France, though providing barely a tenth of that, does not get a similar comparison.

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