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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Okay you fuckers - sure, you hate your country, but can you give it a rest for like five minutes while mourning the victims of the tsunamis? From the sociopaths at the Sydney Morning Herald readers forum:

Our governments pledge of AU$10 million is disgusting. Over 14000 people have died in several nations, something like 5500 Australians are in the region; people are dieing and in need to assistance and our government offers AU$10 million? Over the past 3 years thanks to Mr. (tight) Costello, Australia's federal budget surpluses total AU$16.5 billion and our government can only afford $10 million? Surely this is some sort of joke! Most of the real aid they will provide will benefit them and the Australian economy in the long run because building contracts and the like will go to Australia private and public companies (just like the US has done in Iraq). So my message to Mr. Howard (Bonsai - little bush) is this: "Pull your finger out and at least do one thing worthwhile in your four years in office! Stop embarrassing yourself and the whole of Australia with you!"

Tim Millward

Hey Tim - did it ever occur to you that the $10 million might be a beginning? And that maybe more might be on the way?

What are the bureaucrats doing at this critical moment? Most likely waiting for a 'official assessment report'. No TV footage can graphically show the carnage and loss of life here. To read that the Australian Government offered 10M AUD makes us sick - would not even cover the fuel bill to rescue a few victims. Australia can and needs to 'immediately' get the forces and medico's off the ground into the heart of the disaster. At the moment Australians are being saved and treated by every other nation!!!!!

Disgraced Australian

Australia should immediately send troops into the heart of several foreign countries? Hmm, maybe we should do exactly what we did do - see what aid is required/requested, and provide it as quickly as humanly possible.

Tsunami actually does NOT mean tidal wave in Japanese - it means "Harbour" wave - they are caused by different things

Lee Wilson

Wow - elephant stamp for Lee. But really who GIVES a toss? I am as big a fan of pedantry as the next man, but surely there is a time and a place.

An opportunity for western governments to divert some funds to aid assistance projects rather than their billion dollar war obsessions.And some reckon it's the "Gods" again. Good try but not cigar. Leave the voodoo out of it.

Mother Nature strikes

Only Western governments MNS?

This latest tragic disaster should open all our eyes to the fact that the world seems to already have its "hands full" coping with seemingly ongoing natural disasters rather than creating such man made disasters as we have contributed to in Iraq.

wayne gregory FYFFE

All roads lead to Baghdad at the SMH

this just demonstrates that we "immortal" humans are and always will be at the mercy of nature, no matter how hard we try to dominate it and everything it represents. dont expect a genuinely compassionate response from the U.S. Government, as a "war on earthquakes" will not be as profitable as good ol' terrorism

Nick Loveday

Who are you quoting that claimed humans were "immortal"? And what does "genuinely compassionate" mean? Could it mean that anything the US does will be seen by people like Nick as a) inadequate and b) reeking of ulterior motives?

Hopefully the govt will send aid. Had this quake occurred only a few hundred k's south, we might have been the ones feeling the affects on our beeches. No matter what goes on in the world, mother nature always manages to serve us a reminder of her power!


Like simpleminded, I too am thankful that our soft timber furnishings are safe

It seems inappropriate to be arguing over Boxing Day sales while thousands of our neighbours have been killed. It is a sad and grim reminder of how vulnerable we are to the force of nature. A pity our army is busy fighting America's immoral war when they should be providing assistance to the affected areas.

Shane Arnold

Yep Shane - if we didn't have those 700 troops in Iraq, we would be able to have the disaster cleaned up in a jiffy. Halfwit.

This is a tragedy.
These divine winds show that the Gods are displeased with the world's state of affairs.
May we improve this year to advoid any future Kamikazes.

Tomoyuki Yamashita

I thought this might have been a Haiku, but then realised there are too many syllables. Now I just assume that it is a joke,

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