Attila the Pun
Wednesday, December 01, 2004
fricken laser beams

Tim Blair has pointed out a bit of Greenpeace scaremongering concerning the Lucas Heights nuclear facility.

"Greenpeace says a little known company called Silex is using the facility to develop a process to enrich uranium with the aid of lasers."

Ignoring the inherent coolness of Australia using laser beams to enrich uranium, how does one become classified as a "little known" company?

By having a website?

By being listed on the Australian Stock Exchange?

You can read Silex's response to the Greenpeace claims here. I like this one in response to claims that their technology will aid proliferation of nuclear weapons:

"Laser technology is far more difficult and techincally challenging to implement, but if sucessful, offers superior economics.

Proliferators are not interested in economics."

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