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Wednesday, December 01, 2004
Dick missing

It appears this blog caper was all to much for Richard Neville - his "blog" hasn't been updated since the first hilarious post. Meanwhile, the love continues in the comments section:

Thankfully your bend over and cop it from the Islamofascists is a minority view held by the navel gazing latte set with more dollars than sense.Wake up alright you culpable fool.

Had a look at your blog. Sorry, Dick old son, your commentary is inane, banal and grossly at variance with the reality any rational person (of whatever persuasion) can fact-check in the blogosphere.
Those are its good points.

OK, a list of Richards' successful attempts at futurism was a big call I know. How about just one?Anyone? Someone?
[cue crickets chirping]
Has he ever been right about anything or is he just a whinger?

Not to mention the moonbattery:

If I was religious I'd pray that these Red-state ass-holes would go to Hell (If there IS a hell. But as we progressives know there IS no hell.. or heaven... there is only you and me fighting against the fashists in power right now). Keep fighting the good fight Dick. Courage...

Wondering what a fashist was? So was PB apparently:

At least most of us can spell. What is a higeher being, or for that matter a fashist? I'll have a go at the last one- someone who designs stylish uniforms for nazis is my guess.

But the mascot of the tinfoil brigade remains our old friend Shane Muir:

So, consequently, I am now driving around Shepparton with Common Law License Plates on my car.
Big Deal!, you say. Well, yes, it is a big deal. From small things big things grow.

What the hell is he talking about?

In Australia, our Constitution says "A law in excess of the authority conferred by the Constitution... is no law"

Err, no it doesn't dude. And i will bet you one million Common Law Dollars that it doesn't.

We have 3 million laws for 20 million people. And guess what? Most of them are illegal because they separate you and I from our Common Law Rights. They are not really laws anyway.. they are called statutes.. and they are bullshit.. totally bogus dude!

Common Law Rights? How about Complete Bullshit?

Perhaps this page could become the start of the new Peoples Movement that changes the world.. who knows? I have faith.. do you?

I no longer have faith in our mental health programs, thats for sure.

I have never met Richard, by the way, and I don't know what his arse smells like.

Good to know.

But I do know that Martin Bryant is innocent, we have not set foot on the moon, and LOVE IS THE ANSWER.

Love and guns one assumes, if he is sticking up for a mass killer like Bryant. And finally - I didn't know who Shepparton's mayor was, but all of a sudden I feel very sorry for her:

PS3 If Anne McCamish is reading this (Shepparton’s Mayor)…did you get my email?

I am not going to repeat the anti-semetic trash that 'Chris Mac' has posted (assuming it wasn't satire - with moonbats as nutty as they are today, its hard to tell sometimes), but I certainly do hope that Dicky is happy with the kind of fellow travellers his anti-US bile attracts. Commies and neo-Nazis working together at last. Should make them easier to lock up at least...

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