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Wednesday, November 17, 2004
That's one idea certainly

Blackfive has a level headed and wise suggested exit strategy for Iraq and Afghanistan.

Frank J also adds his thoughts on the Marine who is alleged to have shot a wounded Iraqi:

There is a lot of controversy about the Marine who killed a wounded enemy, but why was the enemy only wounded in the first place? Sounds like shoddy workmanship from previous Marines in not making efficient full-fledged kills on first contact, and, to me, that's the real scandal.

UPDATE: Judging from comments, I think this issue shows that the right-wing community has a large lack of compassion for wounded, murderous thugs. Maybe we should work on that.

Actually, that might take some time. Let's just play videogames instead.

Not to mention the resignation of Colin Powell as Secretary of State:

Now that Colin Powell is resigning, who should be Secretary of State?

I say the Incredible Hulk. We need more of a pro-smash stuff approach to diplomacy.

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