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Thursday, November 25, 2004
Let the good times roll

Howard gets up, Bush gets up, and now Richard Neville has a blog. (You can see my previous thoughts on Dicky here.) The world truly is heading in the right direction.

Ignoring the hilarity of a self proclaimed futurist jumping on the blogging caper about 5 years too late, the site itself is a comedy goldmine. From his insightful commentary on the war:

The Coalition reduced to the level of Nazis

To his highlighting of coalition atrocities:

No electricity, no food, no water, no asprin, no justice

To the most pissweak photoshop job I have ever seen (commentator "fred" hoped that Richard can get the lipstick off his scanner).

Richard also alerts us to the 'spraying' of a 'banned chemical weapon' - white phosphorus. Once again, anybody who will believe anything bad about the US military is easy to sucker into publishing blatantly stupid things like this. It shouldn't come as a suprise I guess, I imagine the only part of the periodic table that Richard is familiar with is Lithium.

I predict a rather quick demise of this blog, especially the way the comments are running - currently about 5 - 1 against Neville. And of those supporting him, he has such deep thinkers as Shane Muir. Shane starts off just as a hippy:

Gee Richard.. you get a lot of shit thrown at you for speaking out with integrity and love. I guess that's why, as a public figure, courage is involved in this.

Before falling into lunacy:

OK... Imagine you are a meglomaniac assole, who thought that money ran the world, and you knew it was time time for another Pearl Harbour. Wouldn't you wanna show off?? Of course. And these assoles did. In Buiding Seven was a room with its own water/oxygen supply. All the assoles, including our beloved Prime Minister, watched the planes crash into the World Trade Centre from this magnificent vantage point.

Thats the kind of guy I want in my intellectual corner. I look forward to seeing Muir on other blogs, as he obviously hangs out at the same ones i do:

So come on guys.. give yourselfs and Richard a break and open your hearts to the truth... or are you all just CIA guys like on so many sites I go to these days.

Before finally entering into a zone beyond parody:

Look Jack/Dean/CIA Guy...you guys invented the internet remember..to set off nooklar weapons...remember...

and could someone who is real please please please send me an email..
just so we can establish who is not CIA

Against Richard, we have those attempting to highlight the absurdity of his positions, and those who just go for abuse. They are much more fun:

This is the crudest 'analysis' on Irag I have ever come across - and that's a big call for the internet. I've seen better reasoned 'arguments' drawn in crayon on placards at student street demonstrations. All the passion and defiance of a 14-year old thumbing their nose at a policeman. Give it up mate.

Hey Richard,
A long (long!) time ago lots of my friends thought you were pretty cool. But to me you always were, and will always remain, a fuckwit.

Even I'm struggling on this one Richard. Go easy on the little red pills. They're dynamite. Tim O'Leary for ever, huh? See you at the next full moon party in Goa.

Um Shane Muir your planet called and it is time to go home.
Alternatively you can do the most basic research into the temperature that jet fuel burns at, retard.

The most insightful comment however, came from Mindy Somersby:

My cat's name is mittens.

My prediction? Dicky will shut down comments, claiming harassment and/or never post again. I give it two weeks tops.

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