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Monday, November 29, 2004
Here we go again

Phillip Adams just can't help himself. Even when writing about a genuine outrage, in this case the Bhophal poison gas disaster, he still manages to include a swipe at the US (quoting an indian photojournalist):

"It's fashionable to print pictures of September 11, where 3000 people died," he says. "But not ones of a disaster where 20,000 people died and as many as 100,000 suffer continuing health problems."

Thats funny - I don't recall any 'fashionable' publishing of September 11 photos, and to be honest I can't even remember the last time I saw a S11 photo. This was particularly apparent during the recent US election, where the media didn't want to "inflame opinion" (i.e. help Bush) by publishing photos of people jumping out of burning buildings. Either way, Mr Rai is apparently trying to make photos of Bhophal fashionable, or at least profitable:

An exhibition of Raghu Rai's photographs, Exposure: Portrait of a Corporate Crime, is in Sydney at Darlinghurst's Tap Gallery and at the George Hanna Memorial Museum in Botany.

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