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Wednesday, November 24, 2004
The carnage continues

I am sure there will be a time in the future where the Coalition is a disorganised rabble, full of talentless, bickering hacks, with no vision for the future or viable policy platforms.

Until that time, I intend on continuing to gloat at Labor's situation of just that. The buzzards continue to circle around Latham:

SENIOR Labor figures say Mark Latham could be dumped within weeks after the ALP leader yesterday said his state premiers were partly to blame for the party's devastating federal election loss.

And the previous allegations that Latham wasn't taking sufficient personal responsibility for the loss - doesn't look like they are going away in a hurry either:

Despite the sometimes-frank assessment of the loss, senior figures were not impressed.
"Latham's f..king mad; he's in complete denial," one said.

Of the Scoresby allegations, a senior Victorian source said: "It is a preposterous proposition unsupported by internal party polling."

Though it does seem to support alliteration. Now that Labor is beginning to realise they are out of touch with the majority of Australian voters, how do they intend to fix it?

These include a more robust approach to attracting star-quality candidates to marginal seats.

But Labor national president Carmen Lawrence said candidates and campaign officials would also have to sign "milestone contract" setting out benchmarks for respective performance and obligations to the campaign.

Will Latham sign one of those? Maybe he has to get the primary vote above a measly 40%, else he is out the door? Speaking of which, how long does Biff have?

A former frontbencher said Mr Latham needed to score political points by February or he would be gone.

Gee Mark, isn't it annoying when people retire themselves to the backbench so that they can partake in some petty sniping?

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