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Monday, November 15, 2004
Adopt a sniper

I don't think it is being run by world vision, but here is an interesting twist on the "adopt-a" concept - Adopt a sniper:

A Texas police SWAT officer is running a charity for frontline snipers in Iraq and Afghanistan, supplying everything from baby wipes to body armour.

Here is the website.

Almost all of the gear Sain ships has one thing in common, he said: It’s specific to the very specialized sniper community and thus often very hard for civilian family and friends to supply to deployed servicemembers.

“It’s easy for [snipers] to write home and say, ‘I want a can of shaving cream,’” Sain said. “But trying to explain a Gen 4 Molle gear to Mom is a lot harder. She’d gladly spend the money, but she doesn’t know where to get it.”

Looking at their forums, they appear to be unmoderated currently. I just hope that Mr Sain's time is not uncessarily taken up cleaning up all the trolls that will follow now that his website has been picked up by Reuters.

Then again, looking at their Iraq photo album, the sniper community is perhaps not one that people should be posting (supposedly) anonymous abuse to...

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