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Monday, October 11, 2004
Zoom zoom

My cheeks are hurting from grinning too much, and the stench of smugness is getting rather overpowering, I wish to blog on something other than the election. Namely - cars! Specifically the "Torana" concept car unveiled by Holden at the recent Sydney Motor Show.

It is a nice looking unit. Shame about the colour, and I hate the name (it is the only name that is more bogan than Monaro). That said, there is one reason why this car must make it into production:

Finished in layered ManGenta paint, the four-seater show car features a stark black and white contemporary interior described by Holden's colour and trim team as "nu luxury". It was inspired by the storm troopers from the Star Wars films.

One point - I don't remember seeing many magenta coloured star destroyers in the movies (though I havent seen the 'new' versions, so god knows what Lucas has got up to..)

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