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Monday, October 18, 2004
Which step is denial?

Although Labor have avoided a full scale implosion over their election whipping, some dissent in the ranks is starting to leak out. Grattan on Latham today:

Critics of Mr Latham, who mostly decline to go on the record, complain he is in denial and not personally accepting enough of the blame for defeat.

and Latham's defenders?

His defenders insist, despite the party losing seats nationally, that he campaigned well. Warren Mundine, one of the party's national vice-presidents, said yesterday: "Mark Latham did a fantastic job."

This is followed by an absolute gem of a quote from Mr Mundine. If you wanted to sum up why Labor crashed to a resounding loss, you would be hard pressed to find a quote which better summed up the insularity of the modern ALP:

"He campaigned well. You only have to look at all the political pundits around the country who said he really campaigned well over the last eight months," Mr Mundine said.

Wow, Alan Ramsey said how well Latham campaigned, and the Margonauts waxed lyrical about how much cosmic energy he had built up, so he must have campaigned well - right?


He goes on:

"He did a great job for us. We were looking at a disaster 12 months ago. He pulled us back, and we did quite well. The results in NSW are fantastic".

Labor has won 20 out of 50 divisions in NSW. Anybody that can look at any of the ALP's results in this election, and label them 'fantastic', is not living in the real world.

As with alcholics, the first step to curing a problem is admitting you have one. Apparently Labor isn't keen to have a 'moment of clarity'.

But NSW ALP general secretary Mark Abib said: "Mark Latham ran a very strong campaign . . . This isn't the time to be throwing blame at any group or person."

Au contraire Mr Abib - now is exactly the time to be throwing blame around. Lucky for Labor, they have plenty of dead wood hanging around to soak up the massive amount of blame which is due to be handed out.

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