Attila the Pun
Thursday, October 21, 2004
Take that zombie scum

See Dawn of the Dead (the remake)? Great movie. One thing bugged me however. Apparently it bugged this reviewer on IMDB as well:

Her character is only clich├ęd and therefore flawed once throughout the campaign. As the genius of the group, she is the first to work out that when people are bitten they become very ugly, very quickly and develop a penchant for biting others. However she is still inexplicably opposed to killing the aforementioned soon-to-be cannibals.

Agreed - if someone so much as looks like zombing out, they are toast. They continue:

I don't know about you but whilst she was still talking through the morale dilemma of killing would-be zombies before they turned, I'd already be choosing which sponge I was going to use to clean my shoes after removing my trusty shot gun from a red blob that used to be somebody's face. Maybe that's just me though.


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