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Thursday, October 28, 2004
"Stealth- logistics experts"

More on those cunning insurgents managing to sneak out 400 tons of high explosives right under the noses of those bumbling Americans:

Even if repeated inspections by U.S. troops had somehow missed this deadly elephant on the front porch, and even if the otherwise-incompetent Iraqis had been so skilled and organized they were able to sneak into Al-Qaqaa and load up 400 tons of Saddam's love-powder, it would have taken a Teamsters' convention to get the job done.


We owned the skies. And when you own the skies, you own the roads. We were watching for any sign of organized movement. A gaggle of non-Coalition vehicles driving in and out of an ammo dump would have attracted the attention of our surveillance systems immediately.

I think Peters has the benefit of a) not being rabidly anti-Bush and b) extensive military experience. This means that when a story like this appears, he doesn't immediately wet himself like other members of the media, but instead casts a careful eye over the sheer plausability of the whole thing.

This means that when faced with the suggestion that a ragtag bunch of terrorists managed to move 400 tons of high explosives without the most powerful military force the world has ever seen noticing, his first reaction is not "Ah-ha! Bushitler has really cocked it up this time", but rather:

The bottom line is that, if the explosives were ever there, the Iraqis moved them before our troops arrived. There is no other plausible scenario.

(via the Blair)

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