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Wednesday, October 27, 2004
Quit while you are behind

You remember 'the handshake' that some have tried to claim helped sink Latham's bid to be PM? Turns out it was all Howard's fault:

"He has an unusual handshaking style," Mr Latham told Sydney radio 2GB.

"... and I've found with experience the easiest way to shake his hand is to get a bit closer rather then (deal with) the flapping style he had been using earlier in the campaign, so I don't think there is any big deal in that."

It was also the room's fault:

Mr Latham said the room in which the handshake took place was small and crowded, requiring a more up-close approach.

"I came out of the studio and shook his hand. It was a crowded room and I can assure you the handshake from the other end was very vigorous and he was flapping around," he said.

Any rumours or scuttlebutt suggesting that Latham is refusing to take any personal responsibility for Labor's drubbing, are of course a media driven myth....

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