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Tuesday, October 19, 2004
Jesus built my hotrod

Gerard Henderson writes about the ALP's failure to recognise the growing importance of the religious vote. Interesting without being earth shattering (there is almost an overwhelming amount of labor post-mortem stories available, take your pick.)

What is more interesting is observing the way the ugly Fairfax twins headline the story.

The Age:

Jesus' people have spoken

Nothing particularly provocative there, and basically reflects the main thrust of the article.

Sydney Morning Herald:

Mock Christians at your peril, lefties

Haha. as if the SMH readers don't already hate Henderson enough, headlines like that should certainly help his cause. Its basis is Henderson's dicussion of Kerry O'Brien's comments regarding the success of Family First:

On the ABC TV's election night coverage, compere Kerry O'Brien put the following (loaded) question to the Liberal senator Nick Minchin: "I know that Family First favours your side of politics; but I wonder how healthy it is for a party to be entering the political fray that is so strongly religious based, particularly with that strong connection back to Assemblies of God."

Minchin replied that O'Brien's query was "a bit rich" and made the point that, in democratic societies, parties with "Christian" and "pro-family" values are entitled to engage in the political process. O'Brien responded with the suggestion that "religion and politics are supposed to be separate". Yet has the presenter of The 7.30 Report objected when a member of the Christian clergy opposed the coalition of the willing in Iraq?

I think Red Kerry was getting a bit punch drunk by that stage, but even so, it was a dumb question that got the treatment it deserved.

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