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Thursday, October 21, 2004
I love terrorists: Howard

The SMH's headline:

We might negotiate to free hostage: Downer

My god, so you mean after all his tough talk, Downer may be crumbling, and be willing to negotiate with the terrorists holding the director of CARE International's Iraqi operation?

err, not quite:

Mr Downer said the government would never offer money or change its policies to win a hostage's release.


"It depends what you mean by negotiate," Mr Downer told Melbourne radio 3AW.

"The Australian government would never offer money for the release of somebody, and we certainly wouldn't change any of our policies.

"But if, by negotiate, it means people should speak to these terrorists who are holding her and plead for her release, that's, of course, a different thing."

It is a different thing, and the SMH knows it.

I wonder what the group holding Ms Hassan will be described as by the SMH et al - militants, insurgents - terrorists? Currently they are "an unnamed Iraqi group."

I hope they do find the correct people to negotiate with, then I hope a detachment of SAS or similar faciliate the speedy and safe release of Ms Hassan.

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