Attila the Pun
Thursday, October 28, 2004
Hey hey,goodbye

After 1 July 2005, we can expect the media to seek no further comments from the tree hugging greens, the wine stealing democrats or the vote shedding laborites. Why? Because they don't matter anymore.

Thats right Lady and Gentleman, Johnny got control of the Senate (well actually the Nationals did, but they know to toe the line unless they want Liberal candidates running in every seat). My natural conservatism means I have some affection for the role of the Senate as a house of review, but having seen it be consistently hijacked by unrepresentative minor parties, I am happy to see the Man of Steel slip behind the wheel.

Although I am sure he will be relatively timid about flexing his new found muscle, at least to begin with, it is almost impossible to underestimate the effect this may have. Legislatively speaking, there is almost nothing that the Coaliton will be unable to do (up to, but excluding, amending the constitution).

All thanks to the fishing party, and a man named Barnaby. I love this country...

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