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Saturday, October 09, 2004
Colours nailed to the mast

My contribution:


Mike Jericho's:

We cannot allow this to happen. The 88 Australians that died in the Bali Bombing, and the ten Australians that forever vanished amid the rubble of the World Trade Center cry out to us, and plead with us not to abandon them, to not forget them, or the lesson their deaths impart. The war on the murderers that killed a hundred children in Beslan, and thousands of our American cousins on September 11 cannot be simply walked away from. This is our fight, as much as anyone else's.

So it is with a heavy heart that I say to all our American, British, Polish and Italian friends, if Mark Latham and his party of isolationism should win tomorrow, bid us farewell, and try not to resent us our folly. Remember us for how we were, and not for how we've allowed ourselves to become.

For there are old Australians amid the new, and I swear to you, our time shall come again.

Okay, so his may be a bit more eloquent.

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