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Wednesday, September 15, 2004
Moldovians for Bush

AAP may have got away with this bullshit, if they had presented it as a lighthearted puff piece. As it stands currently, it is pretty disgraceful.

They report on the results of a poll here, which shows that 88% of Australians who voted on the poll clicked their mouse in support of John Kerry.

A look at the website shows that you can declare your nationality in any country you choose - hence Antartica is pulling slightly towards Kerry, the Holy See is up for grabs, and the Faroe Islands are strong Bush country.

If AAP had have mentioned these kind of results, then hey presto - throwaway filler piece. But no, they suggest we should take it seriously. They even quote an 'expert' on it.

Paul Allatson, a senior lecturer in Spanish and US-Latino studies at Sydney's University of Technology, said Mr Bush's poor performance was the result of a backlash against his foreign policy.

Either he commented on the poll, knowing it was a joke, in which case he has no right being a senior lecturer anywhere, or the reporter only gave him limited information (i.e. the results rather than the source), in which case I think he would be pretty annoyed. Then again, if he was dumb enough to comment on such a shonky basis, he deserves everything he gets.

While the website poll looks good for Senator Kerry, it would be cold comfort for the Massachusetts senator.

Because its a joke?

Mr Bush is six to 10 points ahead in the latest US polls ahead of the November 2 election, following a month of intense attacks on Senator Kerry's war record.


Just to top off this train wreck of an article, it finishes with:

But the Democrats are fighting back, producing records allegedly showing that Mr Bush used family connections to avoid going to Vietnam, although the White House claims the documents are forgeries.

As does the Washington Post, and anybody else with the power of sight. Even if they documents were real, I doubt they would dent Bush's support in the British Indian Ocean Territory though.

Dear Attila the Pun:

I find it very telling that you hide behind a nom-de-plume and do not have the courage of your convictions to identify yourself, thus enabling you to post defamatory and damaging opinion about other people. I would suggest removing such references ASAP or face legal action.
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