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Monday, August 09, 2004
Who would have thunk it?

Remember the outrage that ensued when Howard suggested parents were avoiding sending their kids to state schools because they were "too politically correct and too values-neutral"?

Surprise, surprise, he was right.

Better discipline and a hankering for tradition, smart uniforms and moral values are driving parents out of public education and into private schools, new research reveals.


The report concludes that based on the research into why parents choose schools, "one factor stood out: the extent to which the school embraced traditional values". These values related to discipline, religious or moral values, school traditions and the compulsory wearing of uniforms.

The Age isnt going to give Howard a complete pat on the back of course:

"He was right in saying that people are looking for traditional values in schools," he said. "Of course, because we are dealing here with perceptions, it may not be the case that John Howard is right when he says these things don't exist in government schools. But people are perceiving them as not being there."


Mr Beavis said he could not explain why this perception existed. "I don't have the answer," he said. "You might want to say that the marketing managers of private schools have done a damn good job."

Yeah, it is all because of private school marketing managers....

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