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Thursday, August 05, 2004
The Sydney

Hmm, anyone think that this report in the Australian may have been written in Sydney, for Sydney?

SWANS spearhead Barry Hall has been voted the scariest player in the AFL by his peers,

fair enough, and not a huge surprise. But also

while Paul Roos is rated the second most loved coach in the competition.

Who cares about second - and why would the players vote on 'most loved'? Apparently the Australian cares, as they describe it as:

These are just two of the significant findings from a survey of 530 players commissioned by Melbourne's Herald Sun in conjunction with the AFL's Players Association.

If you continue reading, you discover that Roos was voted second as "the best coach other than your own"

Second on 17%. The winner, Leigh Matthews, polled 41%.

If I wanted to read the Sydney Morning Herald sports section, I would thanks.

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