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Tuesday, August 03, 2004
Oops I did it again..

David Campbell is doing his impression of a writer again. As discussed previously, his hugely insightul and amusing method of political analysis is to pretend he is talking to his young son.

This method allows him to stink up the op-ed page of the Age with such gems as:

"You see, a lot of people don't like Peter Costello.
Why not?
Oh, because he's kind of spooky . . . and he has a strange smile."


His opponent, Mark Latham, is just too unpredictable. I think he's also a bit of a bully. It's all been on TV. He lost his temper once and broke a man's arm. John Howard wouldn't do that . . . he's a very clever man.

Or it could be that he is just not a violent man.

and finally:

Oh, don't take any notice of all that! It's just political stuff. Nothing to do with us. Life's too short and there are more important things to think about. Big Brother's finished, but there's still the footy. And the Olympics.

Aah yes, the perpetual disdain for anybody that doesn't agree with a certain mindset - Campbell implies that anybody that votes for Howard is obviously too stupid to realise that he is a "clever liar", as they are too distracted by sport and reality TV to worry about it.

If only we all had insightful children to show us the way....

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