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Thursday, August 12, 2004
Mostly petty point scoring

Peter Hartcher in today's SMH:

Like a jet fighter weaving to escape a heat-seeking missile, Howard threw out a great load of chaff yesterday as a distraction.

How exactly would chaff help against a heat seeking missile? Is it really warm chaff? I would suggest a flare next time...

Then this:

Labor strategists recently have conducted detailed contingency planning against the possibility that Howard might produce a neo-Tampa. Labor has war-gamed a variety of scenarios, including national security crises and terrorist incidents, in an effort to guard against a Howard surprise.

They are wargaming scenarios where Howard might 'spring' a national security crisis or a terrorist incident? Are they insane? I understand that this is a journalist's spin on on it, but it is still an example of how the lunatic fringe is no longer particularly 'fringe'.

Witness the suggestions that Osama is on ice, due to be 'captured' just before the US election. Conspiracy theorists used to be treated as the whackos they are - now they are moonlighting as political strategists.

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