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Tuesday, August 17, 2004
He ate a meeces to pieces..

The 22 year old at the centre of mouse eating allegations has pleaded guilty and been fined $750.

He was said to be 'in shock' when later (i.e. once sober) he was told what he had done. Mind you, I don't think it was the mouse bit that shocked him, as he also

"set off a mouse trap with his tongue, eaten a bird seed cup full of maggots, sucked up three chewed up chillies through a straw, drank a pint of anchovies and skolled a pint of mouthwash."

The story contains several comedy nuggets:

"The court was told McGee had no recollection of chewing on the mouse, only that he remembered having a mouse "in his possession" at some point."


When asked outside court today if he had any advice for competitors, Gill said: "Don't eat mice."

Words to live by really.

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