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Tuesday, August 24, 2004
Guardian of truth

You would never be able to guess that this story was sourced from the Guardian and reuters.

In relation to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth allegations against Kerry, they write:

And another veteran who disputed Senator Kerry's Vietnam war record admitted he had no proof to back his charge that Senator Kerry fabricated the reports of enemy fire that won him two medals.

What he said was:

"I do not have a single document," Mr Odell said. "I have the fact that I wasn't wounded in that 5000 metres of fire that he wrote about. There was no enemy fire from either bank."

Aah, so what they mean is he had no documented proof. What he does have is his own recollection. And apparently the recollection of a Vietnam Veteran is always truthful - or does that only count for one particular veteran?

And now for a 'long bow' warning:

Mr Odell said he had met Republican strategist Merrie Spaeth, a public relations consultant to his group, and once bought a home from Bob Perry, a large Republican donor from Texas and close associate of Karl Rove, the President's chief political adviser.

This meant he lived in Texas - which is where George Bush lives! From these stunning revelations, they decide that:

The developments gave further credence to suggestions that the questioning of Senator Kerry's war record is tied to the White House.

If you say so fellas

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