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Tuesday, August 31, 2004
Anybody but Brown

I would like to heartily endorse the Yobbo's campaign for people to vote for anybody but the Greens. Their policies are of the One Nation loopy variety (50% company tax anybody?, population cut by 2 million? etc) yet they get a free ride in the media.

Till now.

Their website is also a good source for amusement (and despair, when you realise they may soon hold the balance of power).

A top story on their page encourages people to enrol to vote. I have no problem with that, and would encourage it, as a healthy democracy requires participation by the governed (though I do object to compulsory enrolment).

Further down however, is a link to a movie that Bob Brown and Merlin (the Big Brother contestant, not the Wizard), have made, demanding that we "free the refugees". If people enrol to vote, vote for candidates that will free the refugees, those candidates implement the policy, and the refugees are released, then great - democracy in action.

One problem - Merlin won't be voting for a Green candidate. He won't be voting for any candidate. Why? As previously mentioned, he isn't an Australian citizen. He illegally overstayed a visa, and has kept his German passport because "it helps him travel around Europe"

Hey Merlin - you want to lecture me? Try taking out citizenship first, then we can talk.

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